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Srila vyasadeva replied previously a disciple of shatanand muni had approached him with folded hands and inquired about the tulasi stava.

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the music for tulasi apa has been composed by pankaj jal, and the lyrics has been penned down nimai mohanty.

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7 is it offensive to turn the ba by tulasi s back into the soil when they appear.

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let the clusters of your hair be converted into a plant called tulasi or the holy basil.

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krithika star is an auspicious day which was on 12 10 2014 sunday , we went to erikatha anjaneyar sannidhi, kanchipuram to invite him and recieved the blessings to conduct tulasi damodhar kalyanam succesfully on 4-11-2014.

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nandina, krsna-jivani, visva-pavani, tulasi.


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