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, for more than 4 years have not yet been established for the use of doxazosin in the treatment of bph.

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i have just read your comments ,i have been taking doxazosin for 9 years nearly and i am only 40 now and for years i have thought i had a problem with stress incontenence and thought it could be my medication but would never bring it up with my doctor it has got to the stage now where i can t even walk for long without it been uncomfortable i am thinking of stopping taking them but am worried if that would be dangerous.

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unformatted text preview active learning template medication brittany price name______________________________________________________ nur 202 content___________________________________________________ review module chapter________________ antihypertensive topic descriptor ____________________________________________________________________________________ doxazosin cardura medication___________________________________________________________________________________________ by selective competitive inhibition of alpha1-adrenoreceptors, it produces vasodilation in both resistance arterioles and expected pharmacological capacitance veins vessels with the result that both peripheral vascular resistance and blood pressure are reduced.

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doxazosin mesylate treatment was superior to placebo in improving patient symptoms and urinary flow rate.

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monitor blood pressure and for symptoms of hypotension when doxazosin tablets are used concomitantly with strong cyp3a inhibitors see clinical pharmacology 12.


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